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Techniques of Digital Marketing - Mario Prisciandaro

Digital Marketing is also known as data driven marketing. The term of marketing of product and services this used the digital technologies, mainly uses in the internet. They also include the mobile phone, display advertising and some digital medium. Digital Marketing is techniques which are used mainly promoting or creating the brand awareness using the internet.

The digital marketing is enlargement since the 1990's and 2000's they has changes the mode of brand and business to operate the technology for marketing. The digital marketing campaigns are appropriate more effective and prevalent.

Mario Prisciandaro
Techniques of Digital Marketing

Techniques of Digital Marketing
: The digital marketing are uses the different types of technologies such as:

Search Engine Optimization:  Search engine optimization is the process of receiving the traffic from free and organic or normal listing on the search engine. In simple words, the search engine is the process of to higher rank the website in the search engine result page. The SEO may uses the different types of the search engine like as: Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Search Engine Marketing: It is the term of internet marketing that involves increasing the visibility and promotion the website in search engine result page during the paid advertising.

Content Marketing: It is the term of marketing they involves the creation and sharing and publishing the content  of online media such as: video, blogs and some social media posts  for a targeted audience online.

Social Media Optimization: It is a strategy for increasing the product and awareness of brand or some events that use of numbers of social media and communities to generate the publicity. This type of social media is includes like: RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites and some social networking sites such as twitter, video sharing website and some blogging sites.

Pay Per Click : It is also known as cost pay per click, is the type of internet advertising that used the extensive range of website includes the search engine. In this advertise pay a fee for each time one of their ads is clicked.

For Example : Mario Prisciandaro is a digital marketing expert which will provide the help to improve your website ranking.

Digital Marketing is the process of promoting the product or services and brand by the one or other electronic media.

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