Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Tips for Social Media Optimization - Mario Prisciandaro

While you start any business, you have also thought about their publicity and promotion in the market. So the no. of visitor’s awareness about your brand or product. Social media optimization (SMO) is a method or process of increasing brand awareness and publicity using different social bookmarking sites and online communities. It helps to generate exposure in social communities, enable you to establish and promote your brand or product services to your customers.
SMO creates the backlinks through sharing and building connections in social media sites. You can share content, create a blog, add social media to be an active member of different community websites.
Mario Prisciandaro
Social Media Marketing Tips - Mario Prisciandaro 
Tips of Social Media Optimization:-

Create the Profile on Social Media Sites: - To promote your brand online creates an account on social media site and publish your brand information or services on these sites according to your plan.
The most powerful platforms used are Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. After creating your account share it with your friends or other customers. Through more backlinks will be generated.

Create Unique, Fresh and Reliable Content: - It is also a good idea to create the best content; it will be helpful to make your website interesting and attract more traffic to your website. The content you should be reliable and of high quality that will encourage the visitors to your sites.

Increase Bookmarking and Links: - Through bookmarking people will be able to save the pages which they want to visit again. Your website must be easy to bookmark, which help your audience to visit again and also increase the references to your website. Bookmarking service will provide constant feeds, updates to your websites, improves your linking ability and maximizes the inbound links to your website.

Sharing Videos and PPT: - You can publish your brand information in the form of images, PowerPoint presentation (PPT) and videos. Because the people love to watch videos and images instead of reading content. It will attract the no. of people to your website and generate a more powerful positive link.

Make Presence on Social Media Sites: - Your main motive is to provide the satisfaction to your customers among your website. For better customer satisfaction allows customers to put their query on review site, solve their query and make them happy. By dealing customers queries on a regular basis will make your website more attractive and generate more traffic.
To make your website more attractive and to generate a more positive link to your website you can take ideas from:-

Mario Prisciandaro is a digital marketing expert who will provide the help in various services related to social media optimization which will be helpful to their customer for business success among other competitors in the market.

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Methods of Search Engine Optimization – Mario Prisciandaro

Search Engine Optimization is the techniques to makes the website and emerge in the search engine results pages. It’s method of disturbing the visibility of a website in higher rank in the search engine results page. This is mainly achieved the keyword by the good content on the site that includes the search term that the some internet user types in to the search engine.

Mario Prisciandaro
Methods of Search Engine Optimization

The search engine optimization they have considers the various factors that contribute to the ranking of the search engine term. The each search engine are provides their own unique set of criteria because they use to decide which of the web site is more important and relevant to the some specific terms. The main purpose of the search engine optimization is to increase the visibility of the website and provide the position of the website in the higher rank on the search engine result page. The SEO may include the various types of the search like as: image search, local search, video search and vertical search engines.

Methods the SEO: There are mainly uses the two types of the SEO:

On Page SEO: on page SEO is very important techniques of the SEO. They include all the task is done on inside of your website. In these methods they increase the visibility of the website and promoting the site in higher rank includes such as: header tag, Meta keywords, title, description, alt tag etc. and a website that is easy to crawl for the search engine results page.

Off page SEO: In these methods they can used to improve the position of the website on the search engine result page. This technique is the opposite of the on page optimizations. They include the all task done on the outside of your website .they includes such as: link buildings, directory submission, article writing, press releases and blogging.

For Example: Mario Prisciandaro is a digital marketing expert who will provides the help in how to improve the website on search engine result page (SERP).

The main motive in this article is to gives the basics points of the Search engine Optimization so that you can easily understand to it. This article is help you to improve to your relevancy.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Techniques of Digital Marketing - Mario Prisciandaro

Digital Marketing is also known as data driven marketing. The term of marketing of product and services this used the digital technologies, mainly uses in the internet. They also include the mobile phone, display advertising and some digital medium. Digital Marketing is techniques which are used mainly promoting or creating the brand awareness using the internet.

The digital marketing is enlargement since the 1990's and 2000's they has changes the mode of brand and business to operate the technology for marketing. The digital marketing campaigns are appropriate more effective and prevalent.

Mario Prisciandaro
Techniques of Digital Marketing

Techniques of Digital Marketing
: The digital marketing are uses the different types of technologies such as:

Search Engine Optimization:  Search engine optimization is the process of receiving the traffic from free and organic or normal listing on the search engine. In simple words, the search engine is the process of to higher rank the website in the search engine result page. The SEO may uses the different types of the search engine like as: Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Search Engine Marketing: It is the term of internet marketing that involves increasing the visibility and promotion the website in search engine result page during the paid advertising.

Content Marketing: It is the term of marketing they involves the creation and sharing and publishing the content  of online media such as: video, blogs and some social media posts  for a targeted audience online.

Social Media Optimization: It is a strategy for increasing the product and awareness of brand or some events that use of numbers of social media and communities to generate the publicity. This type of social media is includes like: RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites and some social networking sites such as twitter, video sharing website and some blogging sites.

Pay Per Click : It is also known as cost pay per click, is the type of internet advertising that used the extensive range of website includes the search engine. In this advertise pay a fee for each time one of their ads is clicked.

For Example : Mario Prisciandaro is a digital marketing expert which will provide the help to improve your website ranking.

Digital Marketing is the process of promoting the product or services and brand by the one or other electronic media.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Reasons For Winter Vacation in 2017

Reasons For Winter Holidays

We have already welcomed winters. It’s time to say goodbye to summers. There are many reasons to celebrate, be it comfort foods or cozy blankets. We wanted to share the best things about winter holidays so we took the help from Mario Prisciandaro to list the best things about winters. Therefore, here are the reasons for a winter holiday.


The major cause for planning a vacation in winters is the holidays. Whole year we await these cozy winters where we get the break from our studies and work. The winter holidays are probably the best time to go on a vacation. Just give it a thought about the number of holidays in winters. Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, the list is long. Winters considered being, the festive time of the year. It is the best time to spend quality moments with family and friends. Winters give you the much-needed break from work and college. This is the best time to enjoy the vacations with your loved ones.

Cozy Sweaters

Though it is too tough to pack your bags with winter garments, keeping yourself cozy with those comfortable sweaters is the unsurpassed feeling ever. You have the liberty to accessorise your normal sweaters with those colourful scarves. Not to forget the headbands and the earmuffs, they definitely give you the warmth. 

The Bonfire

Snuggle close up to the fireplace that too with a blanket and a hot mug of coffee; doesn’t that sound heavenly? Well, if you experience such things, this means winters are already there.  

Sip it up

Whether it is spiced latte, mocha or frappe, they taste the best in winters. Winters are the best time of the year to enjoy the surroundings with a hot cup of coffee.

Snow All Around

The sight of snowfall is breathtakingly beautiful. The moment when the earth gets slowly covered with snow is extremely beautiful.

Lazing around

Well, if you do not wish to move out, then not to worry, you can laze around in your pajamas. The winter season is the perfect reason to snuggle and stay lazy.

The Soothe Foods

In winters the best thing that could happen is the soothe foods. You cannot stop yourself from drooling over when you see mashed potatoes, onion soup and what not.

Winter Sports

Sports are the source of entertainment while keeping you healthy. The real pleasure of being indulged, in sports is, playing in winters. Whether it is hockey, skating, snowballs or skiing, they can enjoyed in winters.

The top listed reasons were the things that one can experience in winters. The winters are the best season to enjoy the vacation. In winters, one can enjoy the cozy environment, comfortable ambience, and comfort food and sports activities. A person cannot enjoy such activities in any other season. The above stated reasons clearly prove that the winters are best season to enjoy and have fun. Hope this article by Mario Prisciandaro was helpful to you.